“Those who hear not the music, think the dancer mad”


Pi Gate Version 2
Saturday, 29th March 2017

A new iGate at M3NQG..

Club L/C Meter kit
Tuesday, 10th July 2012
LC Test

LC Meter Kit - SADARS Club Project..

Tiny Trak 4 and APRS
Sunday, 1st January 2012
Tiny Trak

Tiny Trak 4, APRS and a new iGate at M3NQG ..

Kenwood TH-D7E - Back from the USA
Saturday, 20th March 2010
Kenwood TH-D7E

Returning a TH-D7E to its original European configuration..

Jaws Mk2 CB - Conversion to 10M
Sunday, 5th April 2009
Jaws MK2

Poacher turned game keeper..

Elecraft KX1 Build
Thursday, 20th March 2008
Elecraft /P construction

Easter holiday construction /P Elecraft KX1..

Softrock SDR 40/80M
Saturday, 19th January 2008
SoftRock SDR

HF on a budget Softrock 40/80..

Tuesday, 2nd October 2007
FireFly SDR

FireFly the world of SMD SDR..

2 Meters for 3 Fish Suppers
Thursday, 17th July 2007
2M for 3 Fish Suppers

A couple of months back I purchased a Kenwood TM-241E in need of repair..

MultiPig+ (Part 3)
Friday, 9th February 2007
MultiPig+ BPF

Building the MultiPig+ receiver

Direct Conversion
Monday, 29th May 2006
Direct Conversion

Having built a simple Crystal Set and a Super Regenerative receiver I was keen to experiment with a Direct Conversion receiver

MultiPig+ (Part 2)
Monday, 22nd May 2006
MultiPig+ BPF

Time to make some more progress with the MultiPig+

JingTong Dismantling and Mic Modification
Tuesday, 2nd January 2006
                  JT-208 Hand Held

Well it isn't too difficult to take apart you just have to..

Fred Box
Friday, 30th December 2005
Fred Box

Fred Box 2m AM Transceiver Kit..

Friday, 30th December 2005
Jing Tong

My JT-208 arrived today. Complete with..

Dragon Scope
Saturday, 10th December 2005

Billowing smoke? That will be the Dragon Scope..

Saturday, 6th August 2005
PIC Programmer

Various projects could use a Microcontroller.. How long could it be resisted?

Crystal Set and VHF Super Regen
July 2005
VHF Super

I did build a Crystal set many years ago. But..

Trio TS-510 - Renovation
Sunday, 8th March 2005
TS 510

A little trek to the Crystal Palace Radio Club traditional Rally. I found a few interesting bits including a Trio TS-510 complete with speaker power supply unit..

The PW Sprat 80m CW
Saturday, 5th February 2005
PW Sprat
                  80m CW

Today I purchased a QRP radio from the excellent Harwell rally. It has now been identified..

The MultiPig+
Saturday, 29th January 2005
Multi Pig

The kit is neatly packed in a number of paper bags one for each module..

K2 - Transceiver Kit Construction
Saturday, 28th May 2004
K2 Construction

Time to progress further with HF. Once again there were many options to chose from, but for me there was really only ever one..

4M Synth For The PYE Westminster
Wednesday, 12th May 2004

4M adventures coming soon.

Starting HF QRP Portable
Thursday, 30th October 2003

Sidmouth, Fish 'n Chips and CQ WW SSB from a Micra.. The easy way into HF..

Frequency Counter
Friday, 27th June 2003

The successful completion of the Kingsdon Transmitter, Midney Receiver and Digital Dabbling highlight the need for a Frequency Counter..

Digital Dabbling
Thursday, 12th June 2003

Vowing not to mix computers and radio.. But hey, how long was that going to last..

Dummy Load
Tuesday, 31 December 2002
Dummy Load

Seeking an interlude from the Kingsdon project. I decide to build the Dummy Load, needed for transmitter testing..

Kingsdon TX Kit
Saturday, 28 December 2002

Following the successful completion of the Midney Receiver I was keen to start the matching transmitter..

Study For The RAE
Thursday, 20th December 2002

The M3BBZ call was a great start. But what I really wanted to do was build and have the potential to operate abroad, a full license was the only way ahead..

Midney RX Kit
Thursday, 10 October 2002

Keen to make a start on HF I did consider purchasing a commercial transceiver. But after building the Kenwood PC interface my imagination had been fired and my thoughts turned to further construction - An HF kit..

TH-7FE -> PC
Saturday, 17 August 2002
                F7E Interface

Although it was perfectly possible to program the radio via the buttons it was soon clear that doing it from my PC would be much easier! I knew that Kenwood supplied a PC interface, but..