“Those who hear not the music, think the dancer mad”
Inside The TS-510
Inside The TS-510

Trio TS-510 Renovation


A little trek to the Crystal Palace Radio Club great church hall traditonal Rally venue. I found a few interesting bits including a Trio TS-510 complete with speaker power supply unit

8th March - The Manuals

I have now found the operating and service manuals, on the web which are great reading! Such classics as "The Gothic style cabinet design, which gained the admiration of all users of the earlier 500 Series, is employed and will doubtlessly add to the appearance of any shack".

“The Gothic style cabinet design..”

As I am missing the interconnect cables, and leaves were found in the rig(!) It may therefore, take me a little while to get it on the bench and in a state to really be tested! As I have not done anything with valve rigs yet, I am on a curve. But people at the club have offered their help and I have found a very helpful TS-510 owner.

29th March - Well I can now report progress with the TS-510! At the club on Tuesday, Sean bought along two "Jones" connectors and made up a PSU lead! Amid some discussions we just went for a quick check then on with the power! No sparks! And the front lights up (Correctly!) After a little fiddling and connection of the test antenna (a handy reel of solder) a couple of quiet broadcast stations were heard! Including a Swedish CW beacon. Running through things we discover..

PSU seems to be working well.
A couple of the valves are getting hot (Capacitors)
Unable to tune the PA, the load and plate drive bands are broke.
Cable works fine.
Basic functions of receiver working - But will certainly need more testing!