“Those who hear not the music, think the dancer mad”


PMR 446
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Delboys 446 Forum - Lots of 446 info, and 70cm conversions.

446 User Forum - 446 Forum, and PMR eQSO.

Ham Radio In The News
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Hamming It Up at Radio Meets

Licences and Courses
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Sample Licence

DSP and Digital Radio
Updated 18th May 2008

SDR-14 - The SDR-14 is a 14-bit software defined radio receiver. It offers a broad range of spectrum analyzer and demodulation capabilities.

SDRadio - Software Defined Radio, Two Tone Tester (T3), and other digital projects.

Texas Packet Radio Society - DSP-10 2 Meter Software Defined Transceiver Kit (IF).

Universal Software Radio Peripheral - Open Source Radio Project.

Updated 18th Oct 2010

Digital Signal Generator

DDS VFO - From Ham Radio India

SDR on a budget
Updated 18th Oct 2010

M0KGK - SDR Sound card comparison

Yahoo Softrock group - Support for the range of Softrocks.

Softrock radio - The mission is to assist SoftRock users with information on how to acquire, setup, troubleshoot SoftRock radios and similar radios.

DSPGuru - Articles how Quadrature signals work.

PowerSDR - Rocky software.

Kits, Modules and Mods
Updated 18th Oct -2010

Frequency Counter - Great and inexpensive digital dial, available in various kit forms.

KC0WOX's Homebrew Video Heaven - Videos and Notes on Bitx 20 construction.

Ham Gadgets - USB Radio Interface and other great kits.

Kanga USA - Kitlets and Modules.

Hendricks QRP Kits - Great range of Kits including the Firefly.

http://www.mods.dk/ - Tips, tricks and modifications of HAM rigs, HAM modems, etc.

Walford Electronics - Home of the Midney and many other great QRP Kits.

Ten-Tec - HF / VHF transceivers and kits.

Kit Link List

Small Wonder Labs - PSK31 TRX Kits.

The Toriod King - Toriods and the famous MultiPIG+ all band CW Transceiver.

Kit's Clocks and Keys

Radio Hacking
Updated 18th Oct 2010

The Super Drug SW Radio - 10 Band radio with frequency counter, lots of ideas.

Component Suppliers
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Nightfire Electronics - SMD parts and kits

Jab Electronics

Sycom (Toroids)

Harrison Electronics


Radio Dealers
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Worsley Communications

Garex Electronics (PMR and Spares)

Updated 18th Oct 2010

W0PWE QRP Home Built Station - SS20, Keyer, Rockmite.

W0CH QRP Links Page

Tuna Tin Kit - In a Tuna tin, of course.

QRP Circuits
Updated 18th Oct 2010


Home Brew CW Projects
Updated 3rd October 2007

Smooth clickless CW sidetone

Simple Code practice oscillator

555 based Code practice oscillator

K3NG keyer - PIC based keyer and frequency counter

K8 keyer - PIC based keyer

DL4YHF - PIC Keyer

G0UKB - PIC Koch CW Tutor

Home Brew
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Converting a computer PSU

Manhattan Madness and 2n2 rigs

A Short Guide to Harmonic Filters

EI9GQ Home Brew Site

Compressor Kit

The Amazing All Band Receiver

Crystal Sets

Homebrewing From Japan - 430, 6M SSB and a lot else besides.

Amateur Radio Homebrewing - From IK3OIL

Organising a Homebrew Project - Sound advice!!

Harrys Home Brew Site - A vast collection of circuits and ideas.

Graham Knott - Basic electronics, design build and test course.

S56AL Amateur Radio - Great Home Brew including a splendid frequency counter.

How to make really really good homemade PCBs

Build your Spectrum Analyser

Scope Guide - Great introduction to scopes

Hans Summers Site - Great site, vast range of projects, including a binary frequency counter!

NT7S - Home of the Willamette 20

Mag Loops
Updated 18th Oct 2010

GM1SXX - On Magnetic Loop Antennas

Magnetic Loop Antenna

Updated 18th Oct 2010

The Amazing Online Flea Market - From G3CWI.

www.qrz.com - Call sign lookup

The Amateur Radio Code - Should be on the wall of every shack.

EHam Site - Great equipment reviews.

Internet Linking
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Internet Radio Linking Project

IRLP Procedures and Info

Updated 18th Oct 2010

The RSGB Repeater Official List

Find your nearest repeater

Updated 18th Oct 2010

The Datasheet Archive - Search engine for electronic component datasheets.

More Manuals and Mods

"Brick Wall" Audio Filter design

Project Notebook (wb3gck)

Great List Of Circuits

Dummy Loads
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Dummy Load and RF Power Meter

Dummy Load with Simple RF Power Meter

ATU and Baluns
Updated 18th Oct 2010

T-Network Tuner Simulator

Simple QRP 1-1 Balun

Homebrew Z-Match Transmatch (Craig LaBarge, WB3GCK)

A Simple and Flexible Tuner for QRP (Craig LaBarge, WB3GCK)


W5JH Z-Match

Z-Match: An Update Charlie Lofgren, W6JJZ

End Feed Halfwave and Matching Unit

Operating Mobile
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Bluetooth Rig Control

Bicycle Mobile Hams of America

W9XS Bicycle Mobile

HF Pack

Maidenhead distance calculator

Updated 18th Oct 2010

Contesting Online Calendar

Updated 18th Oct 2010

Worked All Britain

Tutorials / Reference
Updated 18th Oct 2010

All about circuits

Beginners guide to electronics

DBM - Volts - Watts Table

Crystal Radios To SSB - A Guide to Building an Amateur Radio Station

Great notes on LT Spice

Electronics Education Supersite

Old technical books (Pre 1964)

The origin of the term Ham?

Radio Antenna Engineering - Classic antenna text, free download

RF Cafe - Great selection of articles and calculators

Antennas - Great selection of articles

Comprehensive list of tutorials on radio and electronics

Listing of tutorial sites

US Goverment introduction to the fundamentals

Selection of Technical Tutorials on Mixers, Phase and RF principles

Circuit Sage Design Resources

Updated 18th Oct 2010

500w Linear using IRF510's

More Home Brew
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Your First Home Brew

Total Home Brewing Information

Beer Quotes

Beer Recipe Calculator

Ask The Brewswami

Updated 18th June 2010

Resistive SWR Bridge - How it works

Clubs and Organisations
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Flying Pig QRP Club

Stevenage and District Amateur Radio Society

Stevenage and District Scouts

G QRP Club

QRP Amateur Radio Club International


Adventure Radio Society

New Jersey QRP Club - Many Projects (Including Digital).

The Second Class Operators Club - Competence is tolerated, but not encouraged.


Naturist Amateur Radio Club

Campaign For Real Ales

News Groups and Online Discussion Groups
Updated 12th June 2007

M3WEB Group

Updated 18th Oct 2010

British Amateur Television Club

http://www.nbtv.org/ - Narrow band televison.

http://www.qsl.net/g4hbt/sstv.htm - Slow scan televison.

Updated 18th Oct 2010

The Remote Imaging Group

Updated 18th Oct 2010

Xnecview - For visualizing the input and output files of the NEC antenna simulation software.


AC6V's Home Brew Antennas Links

W5DXP's Home Brew Antennas

W4RNL's Antenna and Ham Notes" - A vast collection of information.

Antenna Analysers
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Mini VNA

Rainbow Tuner

Micro 908 Antenna Analyser


N2PK VNA Yahoo Group

Packet / APRS
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Open Tracker

APRS Tiny Tracker

Elecraft K2, KX1
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Elecraft - Home of the legendary K2.

K2 Link Page

Upgrading The SSB Filter

Palm Key

Kenwood TH-7E
Updated 18th Oct 2010
Yaesu FT-857
Updated 18th Oct 2010

FT-857 Mods and info

FT-857 Yahoo Group

Link Lists
Updated 18th Oct 2010


G7KPF - UK Amateur Radio Links (Over 1100 UK Links!)

Morse Code
Updated 18th Oct 2010

The Solid Copy CW Group

Morse code beats TXT

Morse code seems to be the communication method that just won't die. (BBC)

Morse Training Software From G4FON (Koch Method)

ARRL Morse Practice MP3 Files

Morse Code Practice Page

The Art & Skill of Radio Telegraphy (PDF)

K3WWP's CW Links

4 Metres
Updated 18th Oct 2010

The Four Metres Yahoo Group

The Four Metres Website

A Simple 4M Dipole

Four Metres Transverter Kit

6 Metres
Updated 18th Oct 2010

6M Beacons

10 Metres
Updated 18th Oct 2010

10 10 International Club

Finding Activity on 10M - Simples... Listen on 27.555

Introduction to 10M

Radio Weather!
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Near Realtime MUF Map

Updated 18th Oct 2010

Find your QTH grid square

Audacity - Soundcard base frequency analyser

G4FGQ's Software Antenna Design Programs

Smith Chart Calculator

QTH Locator

WinLog32 - General purpose logging software, with a definite slant on DX'ing for both HF and VHF, including tracking various awards programs e.g DXCC, IOTA, WAZ etc. Recommended

DXLab - Better DXing through software.

Ham Radio Deluxe - CAT, Logging Mapping and much more.

Toriod Calculator

G4ZFE - MySQL / PHP Logbook.

LT Spice 3 simulator

PIC Development
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Beginners Checklist

Hagtronics - Various radio related PIC projects

Linux Software
Updated 18th Oct 2010

Xanalyser - Soundcard based spectrum analyser.

Linux Ham Shack - Live CD boot - Knoppix Linux with loads of Ham software to try.

Baudline - Soundcard based signal analyser.

Updated 20th Oct 2010

Philips Mobile Radio Collection

Updated 20th Oct 2010

Burning Man - From Black Rock City Nevada.

Radio Related Places To Visit
Updated 20th Oct 2010

Lizard Marconi Wireless Station Cornwall - Special Event Station GB2LD

Poldhu Amateur Radio Club Cornwall

Porthcurno Telegraph Museum Cornwall

The National Army Museum London - Army Radio Sets

Firepower The Royal Artillery Museum London - Special Event Station

Bletchley Park Bletchley - Wartime Code Breaking

HMS Belfast London - RNARS Station

RAF Henlow Signals Museum Henlow

Updated 23rd January 2008

WON4KST The low band, VHF, UHF and microwave chats

Who is On The Air?

Good Operating Practice

Ham Radio Audio Files "Podcasts"
Updated 20th Oct 2010

This Week In Amateur Radio - Weekly worldwide amateur radio news, with a focus on the USA.

Solder Smoke - Amateur Radio experimenters discuss workbench radio projects.

RSGB News - Weekly News from the RSGB.

Resonant Frequency - An interesting intro to US ham radio and the many facets of the hobby, from propagation to disaster comms.

Amateur Logic - Video Podcast - More tech and entertainment for the radio and all purpose geek.

ARRL Audio News via MP3 - All amateur radio new from the ARRL.

Amateur Radio Newsline - Amateur Radio News Reports.

Bacon Bits Quarterly - Flying Pigs QRP Club Newsletter.

99 Hobbies - Listen to interviews with real radio operators, doing things on the radio that you may have never tried.

Long Delayed Echos - Ham radio related podcasts.

Radio Monitoring
Updated 20th Oct 2010

ACARS - Listen to ACARS a packet radio system for aircraft.

Radio Clubs - Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire
Updated 20th Octt 2010

DADARS - Derbyshire and District Amateur Radio Society.

SDAWARG - South Derbyshire and Ashby Woulds Amateur Radio Group.

NHARG - Nunsfield House Amateur Radio Group.

MARS - Mansfield Amateur Radio Society.

South Normanton, Alfreton & District Amateur Radio Club.

Buxton Radio Amateurs

BARS - Bolsover Amateur Radio Society.

Updated 20th Oct 2010

Gamma Research HPS-1A - Perhaps the Sine qua non of portable power.