“Those who hear not the music, think the dancer mad”


Brumagem Screwdriver
- Stems from the accusation that brummies (of which I am one) would start wood screws by hammering them into the wood before screwing them home - John G7JM7.

Family Spanner - Describes a useful tool that when loaned to another family member, seldom returns. For example "A Bahco adjustable spanner, purchased by Nicolas in the early 90's when unable to fix a cistern due to the limitations of an old adjustable spanner. Subsequently loaned to Simon. Such was the quality of this spanner that it quickly became an integral part of his tool kit".

Fish Supper - An excellent locality and inflation-corrected price reference. The local price of a large portion of Haddock, a standard portion of chips and a can of Coke. For example "This rig only cost me three Fish Suppers". Originated by GM1SXX.

Kellog Band - A noisy band - Reference to the "Snap, Crackle and Pop" slogan of Rice Crispies.

Liberated - Used to describe an item of equipment that has been moved from one place where it was unused or unappreciated, to another place where it would be used and appreciated. The item of equipment is then said to have been "Liberated".

Pork Chop - Originated by G0WAT - This stems from my Sister-in-Laws family who are rather old fashioned in their ways regarding the Male/Female roles within the family...for example if all the family were having cheap cacky bread and cheap nasty industrial catering margarine the Husband (being head of the household and the breadwinner) would have a Nice fresh Bloomer and Butter..if the others were having Pork Belly strips for Tea he would have a nice Pork Chop...therefore in our household when you get the best seat in the house, decide what telly channel everyone is watching and have the remote...have the choicest or best of anything or are the first to have something then you are referred to as the 'Pork Chop'.

Sillywatting - The use of grossly excessive power when operating via amateur satellites. Originated by GM1SXX.

Six by Six - A reference to the once famous office parties at a household name insurance company, where participants would attempt to drink six bottles of beer or six large glasses of wine by six o'clock. The parties always started at half past five; on the dot. Oh, happy dazes.

Thou' - One thousandth of an inch; approximates to a single heavy hammer blow.

Tuppenny Washer - Lacking washers to complete the K bracket installation for the family colinear, M3NQG used several two pence coins, pliers, an electric drill and a tree stump to produce "Tuppeny Washers".

Pignose Toroid - Another name for a Binocular Toroid.

Der Englander - German Satellite engineer's name for an adjustable spanner.

Tricky Lunch - Made famous in the Nineties by a jet setting European consultant, who firmly belived that any issue could be resolved over a good (expensed) lunch and a bottle or two of red wine.

Jade Lunch - Popularised by the lunchtime buffet of a certain Chinese resturant. An alcohol free business lunch costing less than £5 per head.

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