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Special Event Operating

GB6CW - Cromer Windmill - Mills On The Air Weekend
Saturday, 11th June 2008
GB6CW - Cromer Windmill

GB6CW - SADARS members operated on HF and VHF from Cromer Windmill just up the road from Stevenage, not the Cromer in Norfolk! (That got a few people excited) as part of Mills On The Air.

The HF station operated by G2BKZ and G4DDX used a simple end fed wire for 40 and 80. SSB and CW contacts were made all over the UK including a number of mills.

On Saturday and Sunday afternoon I operated GB6CW on 2M FM from the car and had great fun making 27 rag chew contacts around the south of England.

I really enjoy special event operating as having a special call and or an interesting location makes all the difference. More people want to work you and there is something extra to talk about!

GB50SAD - SADARS - 50th Anniversary
Saturday, 11th June 2006
GB50SAD - Stevenage Day

GB50SAD - Stevenage and District Amateur Radio Society Celebrated their 50th anniversary at Stevenage Day.

Very hot and sunny weather. In addition to various radio related displays, members operated an HF station contacting hams all over the world. I used Mark's 2M station to contact various members old and new across the county, a very enjoyable day!

GB150VC - The Royal Artillery Museum (Victoria Cross 150th Anniversary)
Saturday, 17th June 2006
GB150VC - Firepower Royal Artillery Museum

GB150VC - Cray Valley ARS operated from Firepower The Royal Artillery Museum to mark the 150th anniversary of the Victoria Cross. Firepower houses Europe's widest variety of historic and modern artillery.

After a friendly welcome and review of the station I had the chance to operate on 40m and have a brief wander around the museum. When the museum closed, we retired to a nearby pub garden for some Young's bitter and a barbecue. Thanks everyone for a very enjoyable day!

GB2RN - H.M.S Belfast
Tuesday, 6th June 2006
GB2RN - HMS Belfast

GB2RN - RNARS run the amateur station aboard HMS Belfast. HMS Belfast served throughout the Second World War, playing a leading part in the destruction of the battle cruiser Scharnhorst, and also the Normandy Landings. In service with the Royal Navy until 1965.

I received a very warm welcome on board from Terry G0TBD (RNARS). We then proceeded to the wardroom for some refreshments, and on to the bridge wireless office to operate. Afterwards I had a brief chance to tour the ship, but there is a lot to see so another visit will certainly be needed!

GB2LD - Lizard Marconi Station
Monday, 10th October 2006
GB2LD - Lizard Marconi Station

GB2LD - ROARS runs the amateur station at the Lizard Marconi Station the oldest surviving operational Marconi station in the world. Located in the original hut used for the Lizard Wireless Station, and keeping alive the original call sign of the station - LD.

Here I experienced my first 40m pile up..