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MultiPig Receiver Board
Receiver Board

MultiPig+ Kit - Part 3


Welcome to part three of the MultiPig+ started in Jan 2005.

Receiver Kit

Inductor windings

Wound the 7 inductors, pretty straightforward.

SMD and resistors

I did not believe that this of SMD could be that bad, just a question of the right tools and a little practice. The SMDs were ADE -1 mixers, no doubt giant by SMD standards.. I positioned them with blutack and used a Weller TCP with a fine ish tip to solder them. But it was the same one I always use, as you need to have a decent size tip to get any heat into the joint. I heated the pad then lent the tip against the component leg and ran solder in from the other side, then moved the iron slightly onto the top of the joint, held for a couple of seconds and done. Sounds more complicated than it is. We shall see if they work!

Checked a few resistor placements against the schematic, as some of the board markings needed careful interpretation. Checked the resistors again the following day and found two soldered in the wrong place; well it was getting late.

MultiPig Receiver board - Almost complete
Receiver Board - Almost Complete

I had hoped for some stage by stage tests, but everything has to be fitted first. So check and check again..

Finished the resistors, and enjoyed a Dark Lager.

Installed most of the remaining components, more careful checking required, particularly of the capacitor values. Only a few components remain to be identified and fitted.