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News Archive
Updated - Christmas 2004

Frequency Counter - Testing
Christmas 2004

I emailed Tim and he suggested that I order the basic replacement chip set, incase any other chips had gone, this seemed like a good plan! a couple of days later it arrived.

RSGB 160m Club Calls Contest 2004
Sunday, 14th Nov 2004

First contacts on Top Band!

CQ WW SSB 2004
Tuesday, 2nd Nov 2004

My humble contribution to CQ WW SSB 2004. QRP K2, Helical whip antenna and Belgium Beer. The usual suspects..

K2 - Transceiver Kit Construction
Friday, 29th Oct 2004

Time to progress further with HF. Once again there were many options to chose from, but for me there was really only ever one..

Starting HF QRP Portable
Thursday, 30th October 2003

Sidmouth, Fish 'n Chips and CQ WW SSB from a Micra.. The easy way into HF..

Frequency Counter
Friday, 27th June 2003

The successful completion of the Kingsdon Transmitter, Midney Receiver and Digital Dabbling highlight the need for a Frequency Counter..

Thursday, 20th June 2003

Got my Radio Amateur Exam result today - Passed!!

Digital Dabbling
Thursday, 12th June 2003

Vowing not to mix computers and radio.. But hey, how long was that going to last..

Lake DTR 3-5 CW Transceiver
Sunday, 10th May 2003

Attended the excellent Stockwell Park Rally and purchased a Lake 80m CW Transceiver from a Stevenage club member (!)

Dummy Load
Tuesday, 31 December 2002

Seeking an interlude from the Kingsdon project. I decide to build the Dummy Load, needed for transmitter testing..

Kingsdon TX Kit
Saturday, 28 December 2002

Following the successful completion of the Midney Receiver I was keen to start the Kingsdon transmitter..

Midney RX Kit
Thursday, 10 October 2002

Keen to make a start on HF I did consider purchasing a commercial transceiver, perhaps the well regarded FT100D. But after building the Kenwood PC interface my imagination had been fired and my thoughts turned to further construction - An HF kit..

TH-7FE -> PC
Saturday, 17 August 2002

Although it was perfectly possible to program the radio via the buttons it was soon clear that doing it from my PC would be much easier! I knew that Kenwood supplied a PC interface, but..

6 Metre Trophy 2002 - Deacon Hill
Updated - 25th May 2003

SADARS Entry - From Deacon hill.