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Sent: Friday, May 14, 2004 09:49
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Subject: Building K2 SN4039

Having great fun building the kit, what a fantastic piece of work it is. I Just have a couple of questions..
I appear to be missing all 4 of the 5K potentiometers, Linear taper (R1, R2, R4, R5). I have carefully checked against the inventory for the E85003 bag, and I appear to be missing no other parts from this bag. I even have R3. But no sign of R1,2,4,5. and I do not recall seeing them when I first opened the bag.
Does my kit have the latest release of firmware?
Unfortunately I had to clip out my lm833n, as I got U2 and U7 confused!! What equivalents are suitable so I can source one in the UK.
Thanks!!! And keep up the good work!!
www.m1hog.com <http://www.m1hog.com/> (K2 page shortly)

And the reply from Elecraft.. less than 1 hour later.

Hi Nicholas,
Apologies for the oversight and I'll have the missing 5K pots on the way to you today. I really do not know LM833 equivalents so I'll include one of those in the package as well. The latest K2 MCU (K2 CB U6) is version 2.04P which has to be installed with version 1.09 IOC (K2 RF U1). The version numbers are found on a white sticker stuck on the individual chips, or if you choose just briefly hold down any button on the front of the K2 when you power it up and you'll see the firmware version numbers at the left and right on the LCD for a moment or two. Most of the firmware improvements in this version have to do with our new K60XV ops. and should you choose to add the K60XV option to your K2 your firmware will be up-graded at no additional cost. 73 and your requested parts are on the way today without charge.

Scott King AH6KL
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